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              Guangzhou Zhengmai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

              Mobile(Mr. Feng) 186-2073-7345

              Service Hotline 020-66351988

              After-sale service

              Service purpose and commitment:

              Zhengmai mechanical commitment to customer satisfaction for the purpose of providing good faith, timely and efficient professional services. At present, Zhengmai machinery in the country set up 6 Guangdong Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Hongkong Changsha service center, more than 25 engineers and service team, high commitment to provide timely and effective professional service to every customer, the telephone within 4 hours of Beijing, Shanghai and the Pearl River Delta region or return home inspection, other in 4 hours of telephone response, such as the need to engineer on-site service engineers will reach the customer within a reasonable period of time in the starting 24 hours after the receipt of the demand and, in time for the customer to solve the problem.

              Service team:

              Zhengmai machinery has more than 25 professional after-sales service team, including after-sales service commissioner 5 people, service engineers 20 people. After sales service specialist and engineer receive professional training, practice and assessment every year, and ensure professional and timely service.